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#Music: The Working Man’s Band - A group of people posing for the camera - Drawl

#Music: The Working Man’s Band

Southern Drawl Band has made serious strides since its conception in May 2011 by lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Nash and drummer Larry Dunsmore. Since then, they’ve...
#Music: Masters play the blues - A group of people on a stage - The Blues Brothers

#Music: Masters play the blues

The Blues Brothers Soul Band is known for packing a powerhouse performance. None of the success of this show would be possible without the sheer class of...
#Music: Flow Tribe moves feet - Ben Frost et al. posing for the camera - Rock 'N' Bowl

#Music: Flow Tribe moves feet

"Back cracking music." That's how the New Orleans natives in Flow Tribe describe their sound. It's a groove-based gumbo, a mixture of classic Louisiana traditions (funk, jazz,...