Vickie LoMonaco
12/05/1963 – 10/12/2009

This week a battle between our friend and cancer came to an end. Vickie LoMonaco was devoted wife, caring mother, and diligent copy editor who never gave up. She is survived by her mother, loving husband, Seth, and daughter Tori; a sophomore at Marathon High School. We at the Weekly were fortunate to have Vickie join our family earlier this year.

Without fail, she diligently combed through our prose, repairing grammatical mistakes, chopping up run-on sentences and inserting proper punctuation.

Even on the days of radiation treatment, Vickie was bright and attentive. She always got the job done and never complained.

She was only 2 years old when my grandmother passed away, she too from cancer.

“She was one of the first people to be treated with chemotherapy at Cleveland Clinic,” my dad recalls. “They didn’t know how much to give her or how often to give it, but she actually felt better and got to come home for Christmas.”

But the feeling did not last for long. She died at in May at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lorain, Ohio at the age of 44. She left behind a husband, three children ages 18 to 10. She will never meet her grandkids.

Cancer has been a constant presence in my family for several generations. Four of my grandmother’s 10 siblings (Roy, Bobby, Donny, and Clara) all died from cancer. So did my dad’s paternal uncles Al, Moses, Vick, and Dan. Right now I have three cousins fighting the good fight: Gail, Nicki, and Noreen.

They are doing well. Every battle with cancer, whether it is won or lost, brings us that much closer to finding a cure to this heartbreaking disease that knows no color, age, or economic status.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a time not only to remember those who have battled breast cancer, but to bring awareness to early detection and treatment. When breast cancer is detected early and confined to the breast the survival rate is over 95%.

This weekend Angelika in Islamorada is promoting wellness with a special Vera Bradley trunk showing. (My wife loves Vera Bradley, so she must be sweet.) They are celebrating good health all month long, along with Marathon Florist, who is presenting women with free flowers with every mammogram done in October at Fishermen’s Hospital.

On October 29, Fishermen’s Hospital is hosting a Lunch & Learn on the Road to Recovery/Look Good-Feel Better. For more information, please call 743-5533.

The fight against cancer is being waged on many fronts, but due to the determination of survivors and the sacrifices made by people like Vickie and my grandmother, we know this is a battle that can and will be won.

Vickie LoMonaco 12/05/1963 – 10/12/2009



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