Ahhh. The Marathon Election Day is drawing near and The Weekly is ready to break one of our founding principles and offer our opinion regarding the upcoming Marathon City Council race.

I know…we’re getting crazy.

We’re in a new office with all sorts of windows and that sunlight is affecting our mental processes. We are no longer underground. In fact, we are about ten feet above ground.

But we feel like we are qualified. After all, our staff writer, Blair Shiver, sits though all the city council meetings, reporting on sewers, zoning, bridges, steeples and other facets of local government that affects our lives on a daily basis.

We talk to the council members on a regular basis. In fact, they are readily accessible for their residents – especially during election season.

Mike Cinque can be found at the Stuffed Pig on most mornings. Don Vasil is always running around town in his tan truck and enjoys taking his wife to all the local restaurants. Pete Worthington moved here as a teenager and lets face it…he is not exactly inconspicuous. Ginger Snead runs a physical therapy office in Town Square Mall and is involved in just about every club in this community. Dick Ramsay is probably the most reclusive and to say that is to say the old guy is soft spoken. He spends as much time as he can in the Bahamas, but he is always one phone call away and listens to every word.

The challengers are just as visible. Richard Keating has been coaching little league for years. John Bartus is at every Chamber event and can be found strumming his guitar three to four nights a week. Bicycle Joannie is well…you have seen her pedaling on the highway.

We don’t really know Kevin Kenney. He never called us back. But all the same, we wish him well in the election.

For those reading this editorial, you recognize the importance of exercising voting rights and we assume you have already made up your mind on which candidate would represent your best interests over the next two years.

If you have not already made your decision, we offer a couple factors to help you when casting your vote.

In the next two years Marathon will either finish or come really close to completing the sewer project. Who has a vested interest in this town and really needs the job completed in a timely fashion without costs skyrocketing for the property owners?

The real estate market will bounce back and re-development could be jump-started again as quickly as it collapsed. Who really needs to see business flourish in Marathon?

We know who will be receiving our votes, and our advice to you is to become an informed resident and vote for the candidate you think will do the best job.


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