School is back! This means earlier mornings packing lunches coupled with you slowing down in school zones as the traffic guard gives a snarled glare. But before homework, curfews and bedtimes are to be enforced—we offer three films to get you into the “back to school” groove this weekend.

Back to School (1986) PG-13

No back to school movie list is complete without this ’80s classic starring Rodney Dangerfield. True to ’80s storyline form, “Back to School” is a tale about the “litte guy” overcoming the forces of jocks and bullies. The loveable Thornton Melon (Dangerfield) is a self-made millionaire who returns to college to motivate his disillusioned son. It’s the movie that coined the “Triple Lindy” dive and also features the late Sam Kinison, Sally Kellerman and a young Robert Downey Jr.

Paper Towns (2015) PG-13

“Paper Towns” is a hidden movie gem. This coming-of-age tale (based on the novel) follows Quentin (Nat Wolff) and his unpopular set of high school pals on a road trip to find the love of his life. Quentin believes his childhood neighbor and object of infatuation; Margo (Cara Delevingne) left clues to her whereabouts after skipping town. The journey to find her is a story balanced with humor and the dwindling moments of adolescence.

Rushmore (1998) R

“Rushmore” is the movie that launched legendary writer and director, Wes Anderson, into the mainstream (co-written with Owen Wilson). The story follows Rushmore Academy student Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) and his relationship with wealthy businessman Herman Blume (Bill Murray) as they compete for the love of the same woman. An instant classic, “Rushmore” boasts a cast that also includes Brian Cox, Luke Wilson and Olivia Williams.

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