Top 10 ways you know you might be OCD in Key West - A bicycle parked in a parking lot - Bicycle chain
  1. You count the amount of times the word “ugh” is used at city commission meetings.

2. You rap the words to “Ice Ice Baby” in large crowds, at traffic stops and during sex.

3. You made your weed dealer adopt the metric system.

4.  Attending political parties becomes sport and missing one would be like watching Game of Thrones” out of order. 

5. You obsessively lock your bike but not your house.

6.  You check the when your husband/wife/partner is late getting home.

7. You’re pretty sure you know exactly how many dollars there are at Willie T’s AND No Name Pub.

8. You always leave number 8 blank. 

9. After docking you always remember to remove your lower unit along with your fishing equipment.  

10. You use the free disinfectant wipes on the Publix shopping cart and your bare feet. 

11. You rinse your dive mask and free diving fins exactly three times. Then change the water, rinse and repeat. 

12. You look both ways 10 times at the crosswalk in Key West or Key Largo.

13. You discovered a missing mile marker. 

14. Your favorite pastime is checking the Weekly for spelling errors. 

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