“Can I get a Candy Bar”

Face it, we don’t live here just because the sun shines all the time. Get real. And thanks to the most creative and forgiving holiday of all time, Halloween, October seems to be our signature month to let our ‘whatever’ fly. Add Fantasy Fest to the mix and we take the word Bacchanalian to new heights. Being a local isn’t just a zip code but an attitude so here are some things that oddly seem rather normal, well at least to us.

  1. Everyone can freely talk about boobies. (Breast Cancer Awareness Month, folks, eyes up here.)
  2. Your postal worker is wearing a tutu.
  3. Employees can leave work early to be body painted.
  4. It’s okay to tell a cop “hold my beer.”
  5. Trying to remember names of snowbirds who are your “closest friends” (i.e., customers).
  6. Everyone using a EBT card at Publix and Winn-Dixie
  7. You’re not the only one with a hangover, wa wa wa.
  8. Daily selfies in costume become cliché.
  9. Your house looks like Bob Mackey showed up with Lady Gaga’s stylist, drunk.
  10. Somehow naked stops being sexy OR attractive.
  11. It looks like Tammy Faye slept in your bed.
  12. You discover husbands love cross dressing.

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