Today Monroe county officials received word that the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier was in route to Key West to aid in the hurricane Irma recovery efforts. There has not been any significant changes since early this morning but officials send more resources will continue to ripen the keys throughout the day. Miami Dade Red Cross is bringing 10,000 Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs) as key west city manager Jim Scholl says residents who remain behind “are consuming resources at a rapid rate.”

The Florida Department of Transportation has deemed the jewfish Creek Bridge “safe to travel” along with the five bridges east of Key Largo that connect the Florida Keys to mainland Florida.

Power is available in Key Largo and as far south as Islamorada. Marathon, the lower keys in Key West are still without power, water and communications. Officials are using satellite phones to relay important information.

More news to come later this afternoon.

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