Watch – Read – Listen: Our Weekly Entertainment Picks

WATCH | Fyre and/or Fyre Fraud

That’s right: Netflix and Hulu went head to head on documentary coverage of the infamous festival that was not to be. While Netflix launched with a media frenzy, Hulu quietly released its “Fyre Fraud” earlier, with an exclusive interview with Fyre “organizer” (read: con artist) Billy McFarland. The docs follow the unraveling of the event that was billed as the luxury Caribbean music festival of the century … and ended in wet mattresses, cheese sandwiches, and a $100 million lawsuit. Intriguing, unbelievable and featuring model eye candy, both docs fit the bill for anyone in the mood for horror, but not blood and guts.

LISTEN | Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle is an award-winning podcast that grew out of San Quentin Prison. Nigel Poor, a visual artist and volunteer at San Quentin, collaborated with then-inmates Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams to tell the stories of people living on the “inside.” It was made for inmates, to be listened to by inmates, but has had a much broader reach than they could have imagined. They won a podcast contest sponsored by Radiotopia, and now have millions of listeners and are in a second season. “Ear hustle means eavesdropping in on other peoples’ conversation — being nosy,” Woods explained to NPR. This podcast offers the opportunity to listen in on fascinating, heartbreaking conversations many of us wouldn’t otherwise hear. To subscribe to the podcast, go to or search on any podcast platform.

READ | Why We Hate Cheap Things

Philosopher Alain de Botton’s publishing collective The School of Life offers some of the freshest, eye-opening common-sense philosophy that makes readers wonder why they don’t read more philosophy. In “Why We Hate Cheap Things,” they tackle why we don’t appreciate things properly as well as why we pine for the expensive and out of reach, ultimately finding ourselves unsatisfied. The School of Life website claims the slim volume “reawakens us to the world around us and to the latent beauty and interest of what we have.” For only $15? We like it.

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