Last week was fun.

The costume parties, the run on shaving cream, watching the weirdoes board the bus in front of the Brass Monkey. And not just the normal freaks, but hundreds of Fantasy Fest partiers heading to Key West.

The election was another study in strangeness. 

A former lawyer disguised as a credible candidate attempted to derail a candidate forum.

Florida elected a political newcomer to the state’s highest office – which isn’t all that bizarre except his own company agreed to repay the federal government a few hundred million dollars because of fraud.

Also, someone may have stolen something from our school district, but other than that – it is back to business as usual in the Florida Keys.

Or so we hope.

On Tuesday, the Marathon City Council will select a new Mayor and Vice Mayor. This will be the first decision the council will make before entering a new year and will likely set the tone for the next 12 months. While the Mayor’s position is predominately ceremonial, the Mayor does run the Council meetings, cut all the ribbons, and enjoy the benefits of having the final word and vote.

And this wacky process can go one of two ways.

Usually, the Council bestows the title in a matter of seconds, but Marathon has seen the game play out across multiple meetings.

“I nominate – myself. Where’s my scepter?”

But this Council is different. The five members have all been working together for at least a year and base their decisions on reason rather than the pettiness of politics.

For the sake of solidarity and building consensus, Marathon’s newest council incarnation will most likely take the path of least resistance and move on to other important matters like sewers, Boot Key, beautification, animal shelters, Port-of-Entry, and redevelopment. 


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