Here are a new take on wall decor, a serious look at a complex issue and a second season of a drama taking place on a train.


READ | It Ends with Us

At first blush, this is a romance. Until it isn’t. The main character’s love interest turns abusive suddenly. This is a complex issue that the author, Colleen Hoover, treats as a serious subject. She delves into the nuance of abusive relationships — as they pertain to the victim, children and extended family — without falling back on the overly simplified “just leave him” argument so many naively espouse. Available for free on Libby app, supported by Monroe County libraries. 


BUY | Wall decals

These used to be kind of tacky — the options were limited to “Live, Love, Laugh” word art or a garish tropical beach. Now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to wall decals that are easy to apply to drywall and remove without damaging the surface. Shoppers can hone in on a category of art — abstracts, wildlife, landscapes, Disney and sports. Decals are available from all the major home stores including wayfair.com and The Home Depot; prices vary. (They are far superior to stencils. See page 46.)



Seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the remnants of humanity inhabit a perpetually-moving train that circles the globe, where class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out. Season one was released in May 2020. Out of the second season, which premiered on Jan. 25, emerge new power struggles, causing a dangerous rift as people are divided between their loyalty to Layton and to Mr. Wilford, who has a new train, new technology and a game plan that keeps everyone guessing. On TNT.

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