Regan Duquenne is the newest freshman English teacher at Key West High School. She and her husband Patrick relocated to Marathon from Boca Raton in June, and this small town girl, originally from Bakersfield, Ca. could not be happier about the move.

“Come on, what’s not to like?” she laughed. “The Keys are fabulous!”
Regan is National Board Certified in English and brings nearly a decade of teaching experience to her new position.

“Kids already have enough social pressure to contend with coming into high school, so I’m looking forward to helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in this environment academically,” Regan explained.

In her spare time, she enjoys an outdoor barbecue with her husband and dogs, Kohta and Simba.



Andrea Fresco happily accepted the position as Key Largo School’s middle school reading teacher after 10 years in Dade County public schools.

This wife and mother of two earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia (Go Dogs!) followed by a Masters in Reading from Barry University.

Since moving to the Keys nearly a decade ago, she really learned to enjoy the quiet peaceful atmosphere of paradise. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, fishing with her family and a great meal out at Num Thai restaurant.




At this paper’s printing, Janet Behmer will have been a Keys’ resident for a mere week.

“I was hired last Thursday,” she said during new teacher orientation at the district office on Tuesday.

Originally from Minneapolis, Janet, her husband Steve and their son, Nate, move to the Keys from Tampa area.

Janet is Marathon High School’s newest ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher. She earned degrees in French, Spanish and Education from Lawrence University and brings years of teaching Spanish at the Middle School level to her new position.

As often as she can, Janet likes to plan trips with her family, and in her spare time, she enjoys swimming, reading and bird watching.




Key West native Megan Oropeza has landed a position as a sixth grade teacher at Big Pine Academy.

A graduate of Florida State University with a degree in health education, Megan went on to earn her Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida. After substitute teaching in Alachua County, Megan served as the Health Intern at Horace O’Bryant Middle School.

Megan said she’s most looking forward to engaging her students in learning meaningful and useful skills and knowledge.

This Conch is proud of her small town roots and thoroughly enjoys having her family members nearby. She enjoys a breezy bike ride around town or an afternoon out boating with friends.




Christina Boza is also a Key West native, and Horace O’Bryant Middle School’s newest sixth grade language arts instructor.

Her classroom goals for this year are focused on flexibility. She’s aiming to achieve each of her student’s highest learning capabilities through different modes of teaching.

After earning a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida, Christina went on to teach first grade for a few years.

In her spare time, she enjoys a good game of volleyball on the beach. After a day buried in a good book or cruising the waters on the boat, she loves to grab a bite at The Square Grouper.




Shannon Rohr was born in Denver, Colo. but calls Florida home since she’s lived here most of her life. She is one of the district’s newest counselors, and she brings five years of classroom experience to her new position.

Shannon earned both her undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of Central Florida. Her hopes for this year include helping all of her students set, achieve and maintain their personal goals.

In Daytona, Shannon enjoyed surfing and sailing in her spare time. Though she thoroughly enjoys the aquatic surroundings and slower pace in the Keys, she admitted that she’s yet to adjust to one key thing.

“It never cools down here at night,” she said.

She can always catch a summer evening breeze at her favorite restaurant, Lorelei, in Islamorada.




Another teacher has only a week in the Keys under her belt before the school year starts. She is Megan Faust. She is the district’s ESE Staffing Specialist.

What is her favorite thing about the Keys since her relocation?

“It’s not Orlando,” she said. “Central Florida is a horrible place to live.”

Born in Wilmington, Del. Megan was raised in Ft. Myers. She earned her bachelors, masters and education specialist degree at the University of Central Florida. What little spare time she has these days is spent researching for her doctorate.

Megan and her fiancé Brian enjoy grabbing a cocktail and hanging with the locals at Finnegan’s Wake. She’s constantly fascinated at the locals’ ability to “ignore the tourists.”




Maria Luisa Franco-Torres, fourth and fifth grade ESOL instructor at Gerald Adams Elementary, is a native of Spain who moved to the Keys just a month ago. She and her husband, Rob, enjoy absolutely everything about their new home in paradise. The water, the weather and the people were all part of the draw for this couple. The key deer population has been an exciting new species about which she has been able to learn quite a bit.

Maria holds a masters degree in Foreign Languages and brings 11 years of classroom experience to her new position.

She excited about the opportunity to teach her Haitian-Creole students in the Monroe County school system to learn and master the English language.




After 10 years teaching and counseling in her native Brevard County, Kristen Butcher gladly jumped at the chance to relocate to the Florida Keys.

“The lifestyle here is great,” she exclaimed. “With beautiful scenery and friendly people, it’s truly the best of Florida.”

Kristen is the newest counselor at Marathon High School. She’s anxious to start a peer mediation and mentoring program at her new school.

What has surprised her most since her move in June?

“How helpful everyone is – everywhere.”

She’s most proud of her 20-year-old son who is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force and enjoys running, boating and diving in her spare time.




Kristen McHugh is a Connecticut native who began her education path at the University of Florida. There, she earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in Elementary Education.

She will be teaching fourth and fifth grade science classes at Gerald Adams Elementary this year. She moved to the Keys two months ago after stints in Gainesville and Port Charlotte teaching kindergarten through second grade.

Kristen’s excited to ignite in her students a love for scientific exploration and help nurture a lifelong love of science.

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys boating, dancing, fishing and spending time with her fiancé and dogs.

“There are so many things to do in these beautiful surroundings,” she added.




After earning her bachelors degree in education, Key West native Jalynn Frazier patiently served as a substitute teacher until a position in her hometown finally opened.

This school year, she’ll be teaching a bright young batch of second grade students at Glynn Archer Elementary. Jalynn said she’s most looking forward to fostering and nurturing a love of learning in her kids this year.

The tropical, casual atmosphere and friendly people are two of her favorite qualities to her hometown, and in her spare time, Jalynn enjoys spending time with friends and family.



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