Goodies the Easter Bunny recommends


Track the Easter Bunny lets kids track the whereabouts of the big bunny who brings baskets of eggs and candy. 

Tracking is free and easy. The big bunny’s movements will be tracked and posted starting at 5 a.m. ET on Easter Eve, Saturday, April 11.  Go to and start tracking as the Easter Bunny makes his annual journey around the world — or at least to places where people celebrate Easter.


Matzah T-shirt for Passover has unique ideas for Passover and related gifts. 

Their latest offering is a T-shirt that bears an image of matzah, with the words, “Matzah: The original fast food.” Available in a variety of colors and all sizes. $14.


South Park “Fantastic Easter Special”

It’s a South Park Easter classic. Stan is determined to uncover the real story behind why he has to decorate eggs for Easter. Asking his dad some tough questions, the answers lead to an ancient and mysterious secret society created in the Middle Ages set out to protect the secret of the Easter Bunny. A parody of “The Da Vinci Code,” Stan discovers the real reason behind Easter, decorating eggs and the bunny. Stan also finds himself chased by men in bunny suits. Watch on Youtube or Hulu.