We all have a mom we know who handles the painstaking task of gluing the pieces of our world together from sun up… to way past sun down. In the Weekly Newspapers family, we have a new mom to unleash our odds and ends upon. Kate Koler is the V.P. of the company and also serves on the Domestic Abuse Shelter board, Conchtoberfest committee, Chef’s Classic committee, and is chairwoman-elect for the Marathon Chamber of Commerce. Add a toddler, a husband and staff of nine, and that’s a lot of bowling pins up in the air! We know she is not the only mom performing the island circus ring show. So… we descended onto the end of the island to find her the escape she’s been craving.

“We get up at 6:30 in the morning and feed the dog. Joshua eats his Cheerios while I prepare him a gourmet delight of organic foods for breakfast.”

Even though Kate is slammed she doesn’t scrimp on nutrition for her toddler, who’s also teething!

“I don’t want to make it seem like he’s a bad baby, but… yeah. He’s up sometimes four times during the night crying,” she admits through blurry-eyes.

So, to celebrate her latest birthday, one-year old Joshua, hit Old Town with his aunt, and his parents checked into the Ocean Breeze Inn. After a delicious dinner at Braza Lena the two hit the town and the hotspots.

“Sloppy Joe’s, Rick’s, Virgilio’s,” Kate thinks back to her night on the town. “We went everywhere. We played like we were tourists. I love it! To be out and running around.

My job is sedentary; so, my spine is now crushed. I’m at the office after taking Josh to daycare for a good eight hours, my sister-in-law creates the pain in my shoulder blades, my husband creates the lower back pain,” she laughs.

But the hubby came though, hooking his honey up with a gift certificate for the next morning for a one-hour Swedish massage at Jala Spa. 

“A lot of people come here on vacation; and I really want them to make massage a part of their lives because the process is so relaxing. This will make a person happier. When their body feels good, those around them will benefit,” says massage therapist Erin McKenna.

  “I walked in the door and changed into a robe.  Erin started by soaking my feet and doing a salt scrub. I’m assuming to take the toxins out or something. It felt so good,” Kate gets dreamy.

Again, McKenna, “We call this a welcoming foot ritual. It’s a foot soak and we do an exfoliation with vanilla shea butter, mint, and sugar, called the Blue Mojito. It’s a way to come in and relax.”

The mom and business woman describes the room as elegant, and soothing. The exact opposite of two harried newsrooms where there is constant commotion, foot traffic, and fires to extinguish! In moments, Kate forgets about diaper rash cream, formula, laundry, and payroll and clears her head.

“I try to go into a completely relaxed state and not think about work, how I’m going to raise my child, what fruits to add into his diet for the week,” she gives insight into the mind of new moms. “I didn’t realize it was going to be so nice.”

Erin says an hour on her table is the perfect escape for health; whether you’re visiting the island, or you live here, the atmosphere and luxurious treatments will transport anyone to a tranquil state. Kate calls her experience “absolutely amazing.” Even though she’s had more than her share of spa treatments, when Erin was through, more indulgence came from the ceiling.

  “They have this amazing shower,” shares Kate. “Seriously, it was like a rainfall coming from the ceiling. Their shampoos and conditioners, and shower gel had eucalyptus in it.” I was definitely ready to see my baby again, and hit the AT&T store for another iPhone. My husband, he’s on his third,” her voice trails off.”

Spa gift certificates are available for your mom and wife at the Hyatt located at 601 Front Street. Call 305•809•1234 or visit www.jalaspa.com. Marc is also connecting with clients via twitter. Send your .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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