Candidate Proflies 2014

County Commissioner, Dist I


Eleanor McAdams

Also a political newcomer, Eleanor McAdams, 58, is concerned about the county’s wastewater utility. “The wastewater issue is extremely important to me. We’ve been waiting 20 years for this and now here we are in the eleventh hour and it’s still not right. I think I
can help,” she said. In addition, she plans to work on habitat conservation and worker housing solutions.





George Neugent

Incumbent George Neugent, 66, has served on a variety of boards and committees, including the Gulf Coast Consortium for Restore Act that will disperse the fines levied against BP for the 2010 oil spill. His continued goal, he said, is to provide honest leadership. If elected, he said he would focus his efforts on the completion of countywide wastewater projects, lobbying for water projects and making decisions that keep the economy vibrant.

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Mosquito Control, Dist II


lynda “Captain” Schuh

A Keys resident for almost 30 years, Lynda “Captain” Schuh has experience in a wide variety of fields: hospitality, culinary arts and marine science. The 67-year-old
is very specific about her reasons for running: “The expenditures and lack of transparency of the board; concern about public health; concern about the use of adulticides without educating the public; and knowing I have the skills, intelligence, common sense and desire to make a difference.”




Phil Goodman 

Phil Goodman, 66, spent 40 years in the chemical industry and has served on the Mosquito Control Board, Marine and Port Advisory Council and Emergency Response Preparation team.
He said, “Being a chemist and businessman for more than 40 years, I felt I had a skill set that could help the District,” he said. “Our focus must change from
a labor-intensive organization
to a technology-intensive organization …”




Roger Cousineau 

Originally from Maine, Roger Cousineau is a former real estate agent and school teacher. The 55-year-old beekeeper said he is especially attuned to the fragile ecosystem. He said he would support, and improve upon, “environmentally sound mosquito control practices to limit the
need and reliance on chemical pesticides. Larvicide is not a pesticide but a naturally occurring bacteria that’s deadly to mosquitoes but harmless to people.”

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Mosquito Control, Dis. V


Geoff Bailey

Geoff Bailey, 43, is a veterinarian practicing in the Florida Keys. He said he believes in introducing mosquitoes that are genetically modified so that they cannot produce viable offspring. “Not only should this greatly bring down the district’s operation expenses, but also allows

for safer and more effective mosquito control,” he said.




Thomas ‘Tom’ r. McDonald

If elected, this will be Tom McDonald’s second term serving the Mosquito Control District. The 68-year-old held office from 1994 to 1998 and said he wants to return to the board to offer his accounting services. “My friends and associates have asked me to return to office,” he said. “I would like to do cost and benefit analysis of new innovations to help improve efficiency and reduce costs.”

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Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, Group 4


Bonnie J. Helms

An attorney and mediator, Bonnie Helms said she is seeking office to help families. “I see struggling families everyday seeking sensible resolutions,” she

said. “Unfortunately, the court process is not always helpful.” The 49-year-old said that if she is elected she plans to efficiently manage the case load as well as promote mediation.




Jack Bridges 

Jack Bridges, 46, is a very involved member of the community, serving on various boards including the Mosquito Control Board. The 46-year-old said he can make a difference by running a courtroom efficiently. “Nothing is more frustrating than to walk into court and have the judge say ‘Now, what are we here for?’” He said he also wants to establish juvenile probation follow-up days.