domino tournament
Get ready to pull the guayabera out of the closet, light a cigar, and slam some bones on Saturday, Jan. 20 for the...
There are three inevitable rites of passage for a young man in the state of Georgia, which are circumcision, baptism and the irrevocable...
1776 The Musical, Waterfront Playhouse
One of the largest and most challenging productions ever undertaken locally debuts this month at the Waterfront Playhouse. Twenty-five actors and nine musicians will...

You Can Get Anything You Want

It rare that the family business is folk singing but it’s just a way of life for the Guthrie family. Spanning generations, social movements and influencing singer...

He’s Bach

Ji — pronounced Jee, like gee whiz kid — is a 27-year-old pianist hailed by the Chicago Tribune as “a gifted young pianist who is going places.”...

Obituary: Lori Longstreth

Lori L. Baker Longstreth, 53, of Marathon passed away peacefully on Sept. 3, 2017, after a courageous 15-month illness. Longstreth was born on Nov. 29, 1963 in...
Food truck

City of Marathon revisits food truck law

For less than 400 words, ordinance 104.62 causes a lot of headache for the City of Marathon, its residents and business owners. The law governing...
Founder's Park

Good Neighbor Karma

Obituary: Lori Longstreth

Rip Off Shops

Seller Beware