Dear Readers,

We could not be more excited to publish the magazine you now hold in your hands, offering a platform (better than a pedestal!) to celebrate the character and contributions of extraordinary women in our Keys community. The Keys boast a great legacy of empowered women, who defied conventions of place and time.

I remember poring over the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop as a college student, dazzled by her brilliance… and then learning that she had moved to Key West (my dream town) not long after graduating from Vassar. In only her early 20s, she upended expectations by moving to a tropical island, and then buying a house (!) with another woman (!).

Women have been bucking the status quo in the Keys since the 1930s, and likely before that. So why now?

This is a watershed moment for women: internationally, nationally, and locally. Over the years, we have raised our voices for equal rights and equal consideration, from the bedroom to the boardroom. Many have felt silenced. Some might argue that we are finally being heard. This moment has crystallized for us what we have accomplished and what we continue to struggle with, every day.

We wanted to harness this wave of female energy for our readership. In this issue, we have corralled the words, art and accomplishments of empowered women who live and work locally. We have sought answers from the frivolous (Where do I buy a dress for a gala?) to the deeply serious (Why are we having difficulty conceiving?).

At the heart of this publication are profiles of inspiring women from across
the Keys, who support and serve our communities in unique ways. It was our pleasure to have local photographers snap their photos and learn what drives them. We have striven to do justice to the brilliant, resilient, and badass women of the Keys. And that’s no small undertaking.

I am so proud to present this magazine to our Lower, Middle, and Upper Keys readerships—to the women who make the island tick, and all of us who love them. The time for women to be unsung heroes is over. In this issue, we celebrate the women who make our part of the world the weird, wonderful paradise that it is.

We hope that you will curl up with this special magazine like you would with a good girlfriend: over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, with an open mind and laughter at the ready.

Cheers to you, Sarah Thomas


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