Caylee Lansden with her drawings of her favorite actresses.

Caylee Lansden brims with confidence as she glances at her artwork drawing of her favorite actress, Vanessa Morgan in the show “Riverdale.” It’s one of many pieces she’s created since taking up art. 

The young Upper Keys student, who enters sixth grade at Plantation Key School, took up drawing at an early age. She says she took more of an interest around third grade. Art is one of Lansden’s passions, and it clearly shows as she discusses her work and what she’s preparing to do next. Along with paper, she also uses her iPad as another medium for her work. 

“I do something new every day,” she says. “I can’t even count how many I’ve drawn and painted.”

Lissa Lansden, her mother, says her daughter holds quite the talent. “I’m absolutely blessed to have her. She’s just the perfect child.”

The Weekly recently sat down to learn more about Caylee, her passion and how she goes about her work.

What kind of pieces do you like to create?  I mainly like to draw humans and paint landscapes.

How long would you say it usually takes you to finish a piece? It takes a couple hours. It’s a little longer and harder on the iPad when you have a stylus in your hand.

How do you come up with your ideas? What’s your next project? I usually go on Pinterest or search Google to find my ideas. I think I might do another one of my favorite actresses.

Where do you see yourself going with your art passion? I want to do it as a side job. I want to have a main job and have this as a side job and a hobby.

When you’re not drawing and painting, what are you doing? I like to play with friends. I also like to game, dance and go to the skate park. 

Are you excited to go back to school? Yes, I am. I miss seeing people and going to art class. With sixth grade, you get to switch classes. So I’m excited about that. 

Besides art, what other subjects are you interested in? I like history and science class. I definitely love history. 

Have a favorite movie/ TV show? I like to watch “Outer Banks.” For movies, I just watched “It.” I just started watching those. I’m going through a horror movie phase.

Do you have a favorite spot you like to go to? This little beach by my house.
Do you think you’ll stay in the Keys after school? I would at least like to stay in Florida, maybe not in the Keys, but somewhere in Florida.

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