Coast Guard Cutter Margaret Norvell’s crew interdicts a 10-foot vessel, Feb. 18, 2022, approximately 50 miles south of Key West, Florida. Margaret Norvell’s crew repatriated 28 people to Cuba following three interdictions of undocumented migrants off the coasts of Key West and Long Key due to safety of life at sea concerns. U.S. COAST GUARD/Contributed

Dear Editor,

I realize I must be missing something; however, I just don’t understand why the Cuban families who continually risk their lives to cross the Florida Straits are intercepted and returned to Cuba, where they face incarceration in communist jails or worse. 

At the same time our open border with Mexico provides millions of illegal immigrants from everywhere in South America, including Cuban citizens who enter, mostly without screening.

From personal experience I know for a fact the Cuban citizens can fly to Nicaragua, walk or be taken to Mexico and then cross our virtually open Texas border.

This double standard is crazy. At least our previous “wet foot/dry foot” policy gave many Cubans a shot at freedom and a new life. And these folks all went through Customs when they landed in America.

Edwin O. Swift III
Key West