David Knickerbocker is an “artist-in-residence” at Porky’s Bayside Restaurant in Marathon. He recently spent three weeks airbrushing manatees on a shipping container near the restaurant on the west side of Marathon. 

“It’s a long process. I start by drawing it small. Then, at night, I set up a projector and trace the image. Plus, there’s time planning out how much paint I need and things like that,” Knickerbocker said. 

That’s just his most recent and visible work. All over the restaurant, there are murals and stand-alone paintings. Even the tables have his touch. 

Knickerbocker is an on-again-off-again Keys resident who was also a goldsmith and jeweler at one time. He has a small gallery on display at the restaurant with prints selling for as little as $4 each. He also accepts commissions. For more information, look up his Facebook page by searching “David Knickerbocker in Marathon.”

David Knickerbocker recently finished this mural on a container in the parking lot of Porky’s Bayside Restaurant in Marathon. He’s holding a very realistic cutout of a mahi mahi fish that he painted as well. SARA MATTHIS/Keys Weekly
What do you do during lock down? You add cool detail to all the dining tables.

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