Coral Shores, Junior
Basketball, Volleyball

Coral Shores’ win over Divine Savior might have ended differently if starting forward Brooke Mandozzi had not been so determined to play in the game. Mandozzi, known for her physical play, had already reopened a fresh set of stitches above one eye in the week leading up to the ’Canes’ season start. 

“She’s just such a team player. In any sport she plays she’s ready to do whatever the team needs her to do.”


“She’s such a tough competitor that she made it clear that the only way she would be sitting is if I benched her, so she was out there for us,” coach Jarrod Mandozzi said. In the matchup, Mandozzi scored 19 points, pulled down 11 rebounds and had 4 steals to help propel the Hurricanes to an unexpected start to their season in the win column.

For her unwavering drive to compete, intense play and her dedication to her team, Brooke Mandozzi is the Keys Weekly Athlete of the Week.

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Tracy McDonald fled to the Keys from the frozen mountains of Pennsylvania hours after graduating from college and never looked back. She is a second generation coach and educator, and has taught in the public school system for over 25 years. She and her husband met at a beginning teacher meeting in 1997 and have three children born and raised in Monroe County. In her free time, McDonald loves flea markets, historical fiction and long runs in the heat.