A woman who calls herself “Katrina” has been calling Marathon businesses asking them to support the Marathon High School Athletics Department by buying a banner from End Zone Athletics to hang in the school auditorium. There’s just one problem:  — the company has no authority to do so.

“We do not hang banners in our gym unless they recognize a school championship; never an advertisement,” said MHS athletics director Teresa Konrath.

Konrath said she received multiple phone calls from local businesses asking about the banners. On Tuesday, she called the End Zone Athletics in Grand Prairie, Texas, and told them to cease and desist.

“They had some story about the banner being authorized by our cheerleading coaches, but that is not the case,” Konrath said. “If a local business every receives a phone call like this, they should call me immediately.

Dave Daniels of Can Do Construction said the phone call he received from End Zone Athletics, sounded “strange.”

“They told me the banner would cost $500 now if I paid them with a credit card or $600 if I paid by check,” Daniels said.

The Weekly Newspapers and Island Service also received the same solicitation.

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