Here’s witching you a happy Halloween! – One-way circuit around ‘BTA’ - A close up of a map - Product design

Want to have a “boo-tiful” Halloween? Follow the friendly officers’ traffic directions.

The City of Marathon and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are bringing back the Halloween plan they know works: a one-way circuit around the neighborhood behind the airport, with central streets closed to vehicular traffic. 

On Halloween — Thursday, Oct. 31 — visitors to the neighborhood will enter on Dolphin Drive, circle around to Gulfstream Boulevard and exit on Harbor Drive. There will be no parking on the (currently under construction) bike path on Aviation Boulevard.

“There will be cones — so many cones — set up so that there is one lane for vehicular traffic and one lane where everyone can walk safely,” said MCSO Capt. Don Hiller. “Our priority is everyone’s safety.”

Most available parking will be found on the “back street” — Gulfstream Boulevard. 

Pro tips:

1. If you wish to preserve expensive or elaborate costumes, or small innocent children, leave before the shaving cream comes out.

2. Be courteous about parking; don’t block a driveway or obstruct a road.

3. Be respectful when the neighborhood policeman tells you it’s time to go home; nothing good ever happens after midnight. 

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