The newest feature in our magazines, that we hope you are enjoying as much as us, is the addition of the magazine playlist. It’s so easy, you just hold your smartphone camera up to the QR code on the page and follow the directions. Within seconds you’re enjoying our curated playlists! 

For our annual Holiday magazine we called on our staff up and down the Keys to contribute.

The Keys Weekly family compiled a playlist of our favorite holiday tunes that really get us into the tree trimming, cooking and cocktail making mood.

We hope that you and your family enjoy our selections as much as we enjoyed sharing them with each other.

Needless to say after we pitched in our nominees, lit a Siberian Fir candle, poured a glass of eggnog we were right into the Christmas spirit . 

Happy Holidays to you all and we hope you enjoy listening to these songs, old and new, as much as we do.

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