The two-and-a-half-year-old establishment, Roostica, has created a name for itself in town for its spectacular food, friendly staff and top-notch libations. It’s definitely the place to go for a special cocktail and staffs’ creativity knows no bounds. I asked bartender Debbie Peacock for something special, and she did not disappoint. She offered up a jalapeño watermelon mojito, made with fresh watermelon juice, bits of jalapeño, simple syrup and choice tequila. She said another popular drink is the “Manhattan in Stock Island” — buffalo trace bourbon, sweet vermouth, angostura biters, orange bitters and a garnish with cherry or lemon twist.

“My favorite drink is the strawberry muddle,” said Peacock. “It’s simple — lemonade, vodka and muddled strawberries and bananas.”

The cocktail list is extensive and detailed. Cocktails are detailed in colorful chalk on a huge board at the rear of the establishment. There is a chalkboard on the back that has their signature drinks in colorful chalk. The strawberry muddle and jalapeño watermelon mojito are there, as well as the smoked whisky sour (made with smoked lemons and whisky), the Key lime martini, the cucumber basil and the Roostica Old Fashioned. To go along with the cocktails is a long list of wines hand-picked by bar owner Michelle Mongelli. The whites are chilled to 45 degrees and the reds are chilled to 56 degrees.

There are numerous craft beers and new ones are introduced regularly. Their latest is called 7 Mile Bridge — an English IPA crafted in Plant City, Florida.

Stop in for a drink and get treated like family. Roostica is located at 5620 MacDonald Ave., Stock Island.

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