Rhonda Rebman Lopez. Contributed

After setting a record for the number of petitions gathered to qualify for the state representative, Republican candidate Rhonda Rebman Lopez is now the only candidate in the District 120 race who has officially received enough signatures from voters to place her name on the ballot in this year’s election.

With the deadline for collecting signatures now expired, the Florida Secretary of State reported that Rebman Lopez is the only candidate to obtain the 1,013 petition signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot.

“I’m grateful to the over 1,000 voters who have asked me to be their candidate for state representative,” Rebman Lopez said. “It says a lot about my candidacy that voters across the Keys and south Dade, of all party affiliations and walks of life, believe I should represent them in Tallahassee.

“It also says a lot about my opponents that the voters of District 120 rejected their candidacies and their efforts to gain support in the community,” she continued. “While my opponents continue to demonstrate anemic grassroots and financial support, I will continue to focus on my positive message of lower taxes, less regulation, and safeguarding our unique natural resources and agricultural region.”

While Rebman Lopez’s 1,013 validated petitions is the highest number of petitions ever submitted by a candidate running in House District 120, she has also raised over $200,000 in her campaign to take the seat that Rep. Holly Raschein will be terming out at the end of the year. Rebman Lopez ranks third highest state house fundraising candidate in all of Florida.

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