MHS team hitting new highs on the track

By Clare Merryman

The track team is off on a record-making streak as several young athletes are setting, breaking and re-setting multiple school records.  

Marathon High School sophomore Henry Herrera set the school record for the 100-meter dash, running the race in 11.25 seconds. That came just two weeks after coming off the soccer field and is just a few practices away from setting the record in the 200-meter dash, said running coach Tracy McDonald. 

In the long-distance category, senior Jonathan Pitchford, who has had an impressive year in both cross country and on the track team, beat his own record in the 1600-meter race for a second time. He now holds the school record in the 800-meter, 1600-meter, and 3200-meter races, with times that will be incredibly difficult for future MHS runners to beat.  

As for the girls, freshman Mikkel Ross has put up an impressive record running the 1600-meter (one mile) in 6:13.83. The lady Fins have also come together to create a racing team who are ready to take the gold in every race. Teammates Rain Banks, Mikkel Ross, Haley Buxton and Allison Paskiewicz beat the school record in the 4×800-meter race and took first place in a recent meet. 

Field events have played an important role in the success of the team. Participants include Molly Prince, Nicole Merryman, Maeve Merryman, Kevin Mercado and Kayesha Christian. According to the coaches, the team is showing improvement in pole vaulting, high and long jump, and throwing discus, javelin and shot put. 

Students are showing an increased interest in the pole vault under the tutelage of new coach Darby Sheehan. MHS’s athletic director Lance Martin said, “She has done an amazing job handling new and young athletes looking to try new things.”

Martin said this year’s focus is to familiarize the student athletes with as many new events as possible. He said the next few meets will give MHS athletes the scores necessary to place in districts.

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