County officials and workers, including County Administrator Roman Gastesi, left, and Project Management Director Cary Knight, center, signed one of the building’s walls to commemorate the topping off ceremony. KRISTEN LIVENGOOD/Monroe County.

On April 25, AJAX celebrated the “topping off” of the new Monroe County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Marathon. The topping off is the completion of the highest point of the building. Monroe County Mayor Pro Tem Holly Merrill Raschein and commissioners David Rice, Michelle Lincoln and Jim Scholl toured the building with County Administrator Roman Gastesi, County Attorney Bob Shillinger and other key staff who will call the new EOC home. Once finished, the category 5-rated EOC will house Monroe County Emergency Management, Monroe County Fire Rescue administration, and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office 9-1-1 call center. The EOC is expected to be completed in spring 2024.

AJAX celebrates the “topping off” of the Monroe County Emergency Management Center in Marathon with county officials and those who will be housed in the new building. KRISTEN LIVENGOOD/Monroe County.

Highlights of the building include:

  • 28,321 square feet (including areas at bottom of elevator and stair towers)
  • A design based on a 500-year storm.
  • Designed for 220-mph wind.
  • Impact rating: windborne debris missile criteria for hurricane shelter safe room (FEMA P-361)
  • A first-floor elevation of 20.2 feet (17 feet above ground) due to wave action (above code BFE+3)
  • Self-sustaining for 72 hours for up to 150 people, including food, drinking water, electric power and wastewater storage.
  • Emergency communications via satellite phone and internet service.