It was a celebration of various sorts for Marie and Lloyd Heiselbetz on Aug. 20 at Crystal Health and Rehab Center on Plantation Key. Eighty-two years ago to the day, the two high-school sweethearts exchanged wedding vows.

“I lied about my age so we could get married,” Marie said. “But we could do things like that. We went to high school with each other and we just loved one another.”

Not only did Lloyd marry the love of his life in 1937, but he did so on his birthday. Celebrating 82 years of marriage, Lloyd also rang in his 100th birthday.

“He looks so good to be 100,” Marie said as she smiled at him. “He’s never smoked or drank in his life.

Inside the rehab center, family and friends of the Heiselbetzs, as well as nursing staff, gathered for some cake, some champagne and some laughs. Marie and Lloyd are originally from Beaumont, Texas. They’ve also spent time in Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola. The two came down to the Keys with their daughter, Janie, in August of last year.

Lloyd worked for the Union Oil Company of California. CONTRIBUTED
Marie from her younger years. She says she was the perfect housewife and a caretaker. CONTRIBUTED

Lloyd worked for the Union Oil Company of California while Marie was the perfect housewife and caretaker.

“We did good for everybody,” Marie said. “I took care of my mom until she passed. He (Lloyd) worked, fished and hunted, and when he was not doing that, he was doing it backwards. Fishing and hunting was his thing.”

The two have received many cards and many happy calls, Marie said, from family and friends. Fellow residents at the rehab center also joined in to have some cake and celebrate.


Janie said she’s never seen her parents have an argument.

“They always held hands, and he would hold her purse when they’d shop,” she said. “My dad, he’s the epitome of a true Southern gentleman. That’s how you describe my dad.”

Lloyd and Marie Heiselbetz stay side by side at Crystal Health Rehab Center. The two came down to the Keys in August of last year with their daughter, Janie.

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