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Is any stage big enough for Qmitch? We have no idea. CONTRIBUTED

The live interview series “Off the Record” returns on Friday, May 3 to the Key West Theater in the Back Stage Listening Room.

The newest installment will feature Key West Weekly Publisher Britt Myers interviewing three notable Key West residents with varying backgrounds and journeys. Key West Theater and Rams Head Productions’ Bill Muehlhauser will be joined by the dynamic Qmitch Jones, along with the inspiring grace of Terri White.

“Each of these guests brings something different to the show,” said Myers. “Bill has played a monumental role in reshaping our music scene. Terri is one of the most acclaimed Broadway talents in the world. And Qmitch? Well, I’m not sure any stage is big enough for Qmitch — so buckle up.”

Myers said “Off the Record” was a vision that Big Stage Productions creator Nick Norman discussed with him several times in 2018, but Myers remained skeptical about the response. The first segment of the series occurred in March 2019.

“To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would pay 20 bucks to come see me,” said Myers, laughing. “And thank God I was right. The evening is about the guests we bring on and their incredible stories and unbelievable journeys — and these next three individuals will take us on an amazing ride.”

According to Myers, Norman’s vision was to create an unrestricted feel in an intimate setting, while interviewing guests without the restraints of edits or measured responses often found in mainstream media.

“This format creates a raw experience for the guests on both sides of the stage,” said Myers. “Many of the stories I often encounter in my business are best told in their most candid forms — long before they reach the edited formats in typical media channels. These interviews capture every ounce of the tears, laughter and passion that these people evoke.”

Each interview lasts about 20 minutes. Limited ticketing is available for about 50 seats in the Back Stage Listening Room at the Key West Theater. Tickets are available at www.ticketfly.com or from the Key West Theater at 305-985-0433. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. on May 3.

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