It is often difficult to define what separates fine art from craft. People have argued for centuries that the act of creating is where our focus should be, and not on the result — an argument that lends itself at times to “process over product” when it comes to aesthetics and the very subject of art. 

Every so often, though, we come upon someone who bridges that gap between art and craft and makes the argument moot. That’s Gabrielle Wilson. 

Wilson is an inspiration regardless of how you define the miracles she fabricates on canvas. Her pieces range in subject, but they all have a dreamlike quality and frequently layer over everything, from sheet music to maritime charts. 

She possesses a unique skill set when seated before her easel. Beyond taking an occasional class in her youth taught by other artists with an array of skills, she now prides herself on how she evolved independently into her own unique style of collage, mixed media and painting. Her early years were all about experimentation with various tools and color, which gradually brought a level of mastery to the surface. 

“I have no formal art education but I’ve taken many classes from many talented people over the years and I try to mix and match techniques into my own personal style,” Wilson said. “I work primarily with acrylic paints because they lend themselves so well to experimentation and mixed-media applications.”

Wilson said what she likes best are surprises. 

“l love happy accidents! I love when I go out on a limb and try something and it just works! And I love when a mess turns into something wonderful,” she said. 

Wilson works tirelessly — painting and experimenting — almost around the clock each day. She has a studio in her home on Ramrod Key but works weekends at Guild Hall Gallery meeting locals and visitors alike. Wilson’s work shows and sells at Guild Hall and at The Key West Art Center in Old Town. She also has her originals and prints for sale in Big Pine Key at Artists in Paradise Gallery, and at Shady Palm Gallery in Marathon. Her original paintings range from $100 to $500 on average, but she offers printed tiles, gift cards, and fine quality prints in assorted sizes. This makes owning her remarkable artwork within everyone’s reach. Visit for more details. 

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