Our hearts are half full this 4th of July, as we celebrate the life of Mr. Gerald Richard Mosher, known to most in the community as “Mr. Moe.” While many recognize Mosher as a co-founder of Historic Tours of America, he will be most remembered for his contagious smile and generous heart, which he gave throughout his life to the community he loved and called home. Pictured is Mr. Moe attending his last Rotary Club meeting, holding the hand of Rachel Oropeza, who was initiated as the 100th President of the Club in late June. Mosher joined the club in 1973 and fittingly, the 4th of July fireworks in Key West began under his term as Rotary President 40 years ago.

“Rotary’s Motto is ‘service above self and Mr. Moe was truly a man who epitomized our motto,” said long-time friend and Rotarian Sandy Higgs.

Higgs provided more information in a moving letter, which depicts much of Mr. Moe’s selfless service throughout his years as a Rotarian. There will undoubtedly be more stories and tears shared from those who knew him best, such as long-time friend and business partner Ed Swift. But for those of us who are blessed to live, work and serve in Key West, we thank Mr. Moe for his leadership and example.

This evenings fireworks will be dedicated to Mr. Moe’s memory and Rotarians will be wearing their club pins and memorial ribbons in his honor.

Gerald Richard Mosher – Joined the Rotary Club of Key West on March 1, 1973, he immersed himself in Rotary. Rising through the ranks of the club, serving as President in 1976-77.

Last year it was my Honor to present Mr. Moe with a Crystal engraved with his name and depicts doves bearing olive branches – universal symbols of peace, stated Sandy Higgs, Fellow Rotarian. His Paul Harris Lapel Pin with Crystal signified him as a Major Donor of the Rotary International Foundation. Not only was he a Paul Harris Fellow but he demonstrated through his years with Rotary the true ideals of Rotary.

As a Major Donor Mr. Moe was among a dedicated group of humanitarians who committed themselves to helping others less fortunate. This special group of persons are changing lives of children, young people, and adults through a legacy of hope.

Contributions like Mr. Moe’s enable the Foundation to carry out an array of programs through Rotarians and Rotary clubs around the globe that:
• Improve living conditions for needy families locally and globally;
• Increase food production and clean water programs;
• Provide classrooms and educational materials for schools
• Allay the suffering of the sick and disabled by providing immunization, medical treatment; and rehabilitation, and;
• Provide new channels for international understanding, and brighter hopes for peace through Group Study Exchanges, Ambassadorial Scholarships, and University Teachers in developing countries.

The Fourth of July Fireworks were started when Mr. Moe was Rotary President, it is fitting that the Rotary Club of Key West saw fit to dedicate this year’s Fireworks Display in Memory of this Great Humanitarian, who embodied the true spirit of Service Above Self. Rotarians will be wearing their Rotary Pins with a Ribbon in Memory of Mr. Moe. “We are indebted to Mr. Moe for his selfless dedication, he truly was a tremendously generous gentleman, I am truly blessed to have had him as a friend for more than 40 years,” said Higgs.

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  1. Moe was one of the nicest people I have ever known! I first met Moe in the summer of 1971 at his barber shop on Duval street. He cut my hair but he also gave me his calm solid advise and friendship. Moe Mosher will be missed but never forgotten!

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