Heard it in a Love Song
By Tracey Garvis Graves

Layla teaches music class at the local elementary school. Recently divorced, she is finally free from a suffocating and loveless marriage. Years ago, Layla led a successful local band. Imagining her life on stage, Layla followed her dreams – sharing her music with the world. When she got married, her husband quickly convinced her it was time to grow up and put silly fantasies aside. Layla never forgot how alive she felt while performing in front of an audience. Josh is battling his own difficult divorce. Having married his high school sweetheart, he’s devastated by how they have grown apart. His daughter is in Layla’s class and they slowly and cautiously become friends. Layla builds a music studio in her basement and for the first time in many years begins to explore her old feelings and discover new ones. A sweet, simple melody about second chances.

He’s with the Band
By Julie Stone

Twenty years ago Campbell Cavett was a groupie, not exactly a lovelorn fanatic but as an amateur photojournalist following the hottest rock band around the country. Blocked by the band’s overprotective manager Vince and a harem of girls, Campbell didn’t get the golden ticket. Back in Iowa she met Jake and has spent the last two decades in a stifling marriage. With their divorce finalized and in a meaningless job, Campbell attempts to recapture her youthful spirit. She and bestie Marissa buy tickets for the Golden Tiger reunion concert. Campbell blends in with the crowd of screaming middle-aged fans. Fighting her way to the front and being pulled onstage by heartthrob Davis Scott is pure fantasy. Given the opportunity to photograph the band on tour is a dream come true. Diving deep into rock star life on the road, Campbell will do whatever it takes to make this adventure a hit.

Daisy Jones & The Six
By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones grew up in Los Angeles with everything and nothing at all. A child of the ’60s – she was beautiful, young and humming along to the music that was erupting on the Sunset Strip. Along comes The Six, an East Coast band reaching for fame. With a mix of solid musicians and frontman Billy Dunne, oozing that special something fans crave, Daisy was the icing on the cake. Daisy Jones & The Six perform hit after hit. Billy struggles with the music he lives for and the husband and father he yearns to be. The dangerous magnetism between Daisy and Billy is what makes a rock star. It is also what everyone fears will tear the band apart. Written as a running interview, this unique novel of love, passion and friendship follows an iconic band through the ’70s, a world overflowing with peace, love and rock ’n’ roll.

Jewel: Chasing Down the Dawn
By Jewel

Raised near Homer, Alaska, Jewel Kilcher grew up singing and yodeling with her parents. Always a writer and natural performer, Jewel was happiest when she was creating music, art and poetry. Her parents divorced when she was young and her father struggled to raise the children alone while facing difficult family relationships. After leaving home to attend an arts school in Michigan, Jewel found herself on the road alone, at a young age, performing in bars and clubs, living out of a car and falling in love for the first time. Her folksy, poetic lyrics and soft clear voice instantly connected with her audience and Jewel was signed by Atlantic Records. In her memoir, Grammy Award-winning Jewel draws on memories from life on the road during her Spirit World tour. She beautifully shares the vivid details of her experiences through words and song.

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