‘Cabaret’ is racy, thought-provoking show

Has the stage at Marathon Community Theatre ever seen something so delightfully racy? Maybe, but this is hot, hot, hot. The Kit Kat Klub girls and guys are hot, hot, hot. The acting is hot, hot, hot. And, the music is hot, hot, hot.

For a small town and a small theater, Marathon really packs the punch with talent. Opening Thursday, March 9, and running through April 8, the Marathon Community Theatre brings out some on the island’s top veteran performers and introduces the community to some new names.

It’s 1929 in Berlin. The Nazi regime is about to hit Germany hard, but in the meantime, the audience is engulfed into the backrooms of the Kit Kat Klub’s cabaret. The emcee, played by Devin Clarke, paints a perfect picture of the lives of singer Sally Bowles, played perfectly by Allison Sayer, and broke writer Cliff Bradshaw, played by Chance Ruder, and the surrounding characters who fall into their lives.

“The cast and music are fantastic,” said Ann Hart, vice president of production who brought “The Producers” and “Chicago” to the Marathon stage. “This is my last show. I had to do this before I turned 80.”

In addition to the cast, the Tony Award winning music is unforgettable, with songs like “Cabaret,” “Money,” and “Mein Herr.” A live orchestra plays the music from the top of the stage.

This is a must-see night on the town. Just leave the kiddos at home, because what happens behind the sheets, everyone sees.

“Cabaret” at Marathon Community Theatre

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until April 8.

Tickets: $30




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