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Health food evolution

Remember when “eating healthy” meant rice cakes, cottage cheese and grapefruit? Chef Laura Massey obliterates the bland from nutritious with organic, healthy food so good, it is actually hard to stop eating. Massey is all about health but even more so about flavor. So chuck the dry white fish and steamed veggies and grab one of the LoveGrubs’s Food Bowls filled with fresh meats, salmon and veggies, drizzled with homemade sauces and herbs savory enough to challenge any junk food lover.

Originally from California, Massey got a love of food – and a sense of creativity – from her father. With meager means, he was always able to make delicious, nutritious food seemingly out of nothing. The sense of love and nourishment led her to become a private chef, eventually landing her in Key West. Having previously operated LoveGrub in California, she has now re-started the company in a kitchen tucked away at the back of Cowboy Bill’s, thanks to partner and local fitness guru Kelly Goss of Kelly’s Aerial Arts and Fitness.

Goss first tried Massey’s food seven years ago and said, “This girl has a gift. She can make a gourmet meal out of nothing.” The menu is filled with a variety of food “bowl” choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner with multiple options to create your own dish. And no healthy restaurant would be complete without a juice bar as well.

“I think about people’s diets: everything is always a blend of good fats, good carbs and good fiber, what the body needs,” said Massey. Her food is 100 percent organic, nothing processed, and rich in antioxidants. But the real benefit is, it tastes delicious. The Thai Beef Basil Bowl is savory without the heavy after feeling, thanks to the phenomenal Thai ginger sauce and the Cali bowl vegetables are seasoned and crisp and deliciously filling without hunger setting in an hour later.

LoveGrub has the perfect business partner helping get established in Key West. When the kitchen opened up at Cowboy Bill’s, Goss deliberately and selfishly got LoveGrub up and running. “A lot of people in Key West eat healthy now, and are looking for options not to prepare it,” said Goss, who knows the cost of healthy eating on the island. Thinking ahead, Goss is hoping to pair LoveGrub with her aerial arts studio to provide meal/fitness plans together. “It’s too perfect, people can buy membership with a food plan to help with weight loss or overall fitness.”

Massey also likes to work with clients creating healthier lifestyle and menu choices on a regular basis and is eager to establish a base in Key West moving forward in the health food evolution. Check out the menu online at

LoveGrub Organic

Available at Cowboy Bill’s, 628 Duval Street

check it out online at or call 305-916-5588


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