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Should the City of Marathon spend money on a “splash pad?” How much should the city spend and where should it be installed?

Mark Senmartin*

I am currently pursuing a splash pad. It can be funded almost completely with grant money and private funding. We haven’t decided on a location, but Rotary Park is an option. Having a safe place for our families to come together and enjoy themselves should be one of our goals.


George Neugent

Absolutely! Location: the city park; centrally located with existing infrastructure and a respite for users of the park on our long, hot summers. It would be an almost year-round asset for our youngsters and if it’s open to the general public, it should qualify for TDC funding. A very nice one would cost $650,000.


John Kissick

In order to build a small splash pad, like the one in Key West’s Cozumel Park, you will have to spend roughly $200,000 as they did. The playground cost another $80,000. The splash pad at Key West’s Truman Waterfront Park cost roughly $500,000. I think the best place for it is at the park behind City Hall. There is lots of room and room for parking.

Luis Gonzalez

The city should have conversations with Crane Point to determine the status of the project, which is part of their long-range plan. If the project is not in the moving stages, the city should move forward with a splash pad at the Community Park along with upgrades to the playground area, as the Community Park is multi-use and family oriented.

* Incumbent
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