Monroe County Sheriff’s Office donates $100K to college - A group of people standing in front of a sign - Banner

Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay presented College of the Florida Keys President Jonathan Gueverra with a check for $100,000 Thursday.

The money came from drug-related funds and not from taxpayer funds.

The donation will go toward funding the College of the Florida Keys new campus in Key Largo.

“I am excited today to announce that we are able to use these non-taxpayer funds to support extended education for all our residents,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “The new campus in the Upper Keys will also enhance our law enforcement training capabilities, not only for Monroe County, but for Miami-Dade as well — more evidence that my strong belief in community partnerships between police, residents, businesses, churches and schools means lower crime rates and a higher standard of living for every person who calls this community home.”

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