#News: The future is now. Meet DRONE MASTERS - A group of people posing for the camera - Television crew
Matthew Dockery, left, Quincy Perkins and Michael Cates have formed Vivid Aerial Media. The group is shooting beautiful footage of the Keys from the air using the latest technology.

Apparently they will not risk their personnel for inanimate objects – even if the object happens to be a custom-built drone aircraft outfitted with a Panasonic GS2 camera that costs about $6,000.The Key West Fire Department has a strict policy regarding tree limb rescues.

“I should’ve told them it was a cat,” joked Michael Cates, the CEO of Key West’s most revolutionary new business venture – Vivid Aerial Media. Cates ended up scrambling up a precariously perched ladder to retrieve the expensive equipment.

Cates incorporated the company back in March after he teamed up with White Orchid Studios’s founder Quincy Perkins.

The burgeoning production outfit now has several drones in their squadron and the capability to capture soaring video and stills that are revolutionizing the way people show property, cover events and capture memories.

As seen on the video website Vimeo, their most recent demo features all the traditional Keys’ landmarks like Sunset Key, historic 7 Mile Bridge, and the White Street Pier.

Yet the unique perspective from the sweeping angle of the drone and HD camera brings exciting details and new dimensions to everyday scenes.

“Every time I bring back a video I feel the same way – like this is incredible,” says VAM social media guru/pilot/cameraman Matthew Dockery. “Seeing the cuts in the channels and the different depths of the water … its amazing.”

Perkins found Dockery via social media as the pair were both “liking” the same photos. Their cyber-meetings led Dockery to the 300 square-foot studio on Fleming Street and now the VAM crew treat each project as if it were a big budget Hollywood blockbuster like “Master & Commander” with story boards, site planning and hours of prep time.

(That’s probably because chief Perkins worked as the first Assistant Director on “Master & Commander.”)

After years of filmmaking in Los Angeles, Perkins returned to his hometown and launched White Orchid Studios, capitalizing on commercial endeavors like weddings as he continued to build his portfolio with short films and documentaries. His latest documentary, “Little Firemen,” was shot in Peru and is “going to HBO,” said Perkins.

“The great thing about video,” he added. “Is that you can make them a certain way.

They are cinematic and you can be very creative with it.”

Vivid Aerial Media offers a variety of packags. The team can add animation, music, and edit 24 hours of video into a 30-second promotional piece. Current clients include the owners of a private island that is looking to capture more weddings and private events. And the team has also covered the Key West Food and Wine Festival and has the ability to create complete promotional videos for resorts, real estate or vacation rentals and provide real time video of fires or construction projects. This weekend one or more drones will be in the air to record the Key West fireworks.

For more information about Vivid Aerial Media, call 305-395-8779, find them on Facebook, or visit vimeo.com/vividaerialmedia.


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