I was shocked and disappointed when I read about the awful fate of the poor iguanas (Keys Weekly May 20, 2021 issue, “FWC will exterminate iguanas caught in the wild without microchips after October”) that gave me and all my visitors, especially the children,

cause for wonder and joy at their rompings in my yard for so many years — eating my flowers — that always grew back bigger and better (I called them “master pruners”) and provided wonderful mulch from their droppings for my yard and plants

What gave me cause for fright, and I know will only result in more cruel punishment and ignorant violence against these helpless animals, were the words your newspaper used: “exterminate” being the cruelest and most reprehensible. We control the seemingly impossible cat and dog population through neutering. This and other humane methods should be undertaken with iguanas, anything but “extermination” — a horrible term used in the 20th century to foment atrocities against animals and humans.

When a newspaper that influences entire cities uses 20th century “sensational” terms to sell newspapers, it incites violence. It is indeed because of the “violent” and loud voice of a selfish and bullying minority in the Keys that has “forced” our city governments/agencies to resort to such a 20th century “violent” solution against these animals.

A “community” newspaper could be such a powerful vehicle for good using 21st century “enlightened” terminology encouraging higher thinking and humanity to make this poor world a much better place for our children and the incredible animals God has placed in our care.

Isn’t it enough that these poor creatures were trapped or dragged from their safe “animal families” in their homeland, shipped without food and water like inanimate cargo, and then caged and sold to humans on the inhumane and greed-driven exotic animal market and then released into our environment because they grew too large or through accident or natural disaster?

It is at the human greed and the exotic animal market that all this anger and violence should be directed — not at the innocent animal victims of such ugly selfish commercialism.

Laura DiNuzzo


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