Beautiful corals and sponges dot Florida Keys reefs and add structure for fish.

Summers in the Florida Keys are known for calm waters and clear visibility. The diving is world-class: coral reefs, colorful sponges, swarming fish, and endless blue. The richness and the conditions entice visitors and locals alike. This June, diver Kurt Tidd documented the life and beauty around him. Temperatures hovered around the low 80s with generally nice visibility when the winds cooperated. Out with Key Dives, Tidd photographed everything from wrecks to wrasses, from maze reefs to moray eels. Here’s what diving in Islamorada is like right now. 

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Tiff Duong is a self-made mermaid who loves all things cheesy (romantic and dairy) and thrives in the 3 am hour. She believes in leaving it all on the field and has never met a (mis)adventure she didn't love.