More than a year after the start of the pandemic – and most of that time attending classes on campus every other day – all students are being welcomed back into Monroe County schools five days a week. 

Families were asked to fill out a survey indicating whether their students would want to attend school full-time, or continue on an A-B schedule. Following the students’ week-long spring break, on March 29, those decisions will be put into play. 

For some Marathon High School students, deciding whether to go back to school five days a week was challenging; for others, it was an easy “yes.” 

For many students, going to school every other day became a convenience. Several students began working on their days off, or using the down time to catch up and study. Senior Megan Gross said she’s glad students have the option to continue part time or attend full time. “I benefit a lot by going part-time,” Gross said. “I take several dual-enrollment classes and going part-time allows me to have more time to work, I’m glad that I get to stay with that option.”

Another student, Riley McDonald, said she plans to return for in-person schooling five days a week. 

“A return to normalcy is what I really want and this is the first step. Going back will definitely improve my grades,” McDonald said. “I am ready for the change.”

Teresa Konrath — who teaches learning strategies, peer counseling and on-the-job training classes — said she understands the complexity of the situation and adds that some students, parents and teachers are anxious about the change to in-person classes. She said she thinks it’s best for students to be in school full time. 

“Either way, I have been there for my students, and I will continue to be there,” Konrath said.

— Clare Merryman is the Marathon Weekly’s high school intern.

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