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Come July, it’s no secret that stacks of best sellers fly hot off the presses! Libraries and book stores from Islamorada to Key West are here to quench your thirst for that perfect summer read. Choose from these fabulous recent releases including the adventures of an idealistic young woman, a broken marriage, compelling fantasy and life of a young girl in a shattered country. Dive right into these pages, the water is fine!

The Enlightenment of Bees

by Rachel Linden

Mia West is a 26-year-old baker living in Seattle. Having grown up on a small lavender farm, Mia dreamed of traveling the world and helping others. When her boyfriend Ethan unexpectedly ends their six-year relationship, Mia is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Reclusive billionaire Lars Lindstrom lives on an (imaginary) island in the Florida Keys. Terrified to leave Sunbeam Key, Lars creates a humanitarian foundation that funds volunteer teams around the globe. Convinced this journey will transform her future, Mia and her happy-go-lucky best friend Rosie join Lars and sign up to test their altruistic hearts in some of the poorest, neediest and saddest places on the planet. 


The Unbreakables 

by Lisa Barr

When Sophie Bloom turns 42, an elegant dinner celebration with her closest friends is arranged. This sparkly night of dressed-up champagne toasts turns disastrous when it is revealed that her darling husband has been serially cheating. Worse than a mid-life crisis, her closest friends have betrayed her and the scandal blows up the internet. Sophie escapes by visiting her grown daughter, who is studying in Paris. What begins as merely a quick solution turns into Sophie’s chance at another life. Filled with charming Frenchmen, beautiful art and hot sex, this page turner will have you renewing your passport pronto. 


Magic for Liars 

by Sarah Gailey

Ivy and Tabitha Gamble may be twins, but they could not be more different. Ivy, a licensed private investigator, has been hired by Osthorne Academy of Mages where Tabitha is an established professor of Theoretical Magic. While Tabitha flourished in the world of charms and potions, Ivy was consumed with jealousy and resentment over the loss of their mother. Now, a hideous murder has occurred, Tabitha is a suspect and its Ivy’s job to see clearly through the very magic that cast a spell over her entire life. With a little bit of Hogwarts wizardry and whodunit twist, this beach read is a magical ride.


Little Stones 

by Elizabeth Kuiper

Like a memoir, this novel follows the life story of Hannah Reynolds. Narrated by a precocious 11-year-old, Little Stones depicts Hannah’s early life in Zimbabwe. Raised by her single, smart mum Jane and their housekeeper Gogo, Hannah reveals her daily fears and triumphs as her grandparents lose their tobacco farm, guardianship is endlessly argued in court and their home is brutally attacked by thieves. Living in Zimbabwe is complicated as a single loaf of bread inflates to tens of millions of Zimbabwe dollars, power and water intermittently turn off and electronic gates no longer guarantee safety. Vibrant debut novel will take you to Africa without leaving your lounge chair!

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