Thomas Arvid to exhibit work in Key West

Artist Thomas Arvid blends his too passions—painting and wine — to create brilliant pieces of art. It all happened about 20 years ago when he was trying to find a niche in the art world.

“An artist can paint anything but until you find a niche it does not take off. I found my niche after painting a series of red pieces featuring Converse sneakers and Coke cans,” Arvid said. “I decided to do a red wine and it was bought off the easel immediately.”

Arvid is an originator and master of his craft, a wine artist. As wineries and groves pop up all over the world and America’s wine culture blossoms — witness the recent local festival dedicated to the subject, “Key West Food and Wine Festival” — Arvid is along for the ride.

“People are coming to me saying, ‘You are the wine guy,’” Arvid said.

When Arvid started, at the dawn of the internet he says, nobody painted wine. His work had immediate appeal for those in the business, galleries and even a chain of restaurants — Fleming Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Of course, Arvid loves wine, too.

“I have had a wine so good that I wanted to paint it,” Arvid said. “And painting wine is like eating a fine meal, you don’t rush through it. You savor it.”

The self-taught artist’s works in oils and watercolor are so detailed and precise they can be mistaken for photographs. (He creates still life vignettes to work from instead of pre-shot images.) And although his works come in all sizes, Arvid most often works on a grand scale.

Arvid’s work will be on display for one week — Sunday, Feb. 15 to Sunday, Feb. 22 at Key West Gallery, 601 Duval St.


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