Jennifer Garrison

Columnist shares last ‘2 Cents’ – Jennifer Garrison revisits one of her first haunts before moving away

I realized a few weeks ago that my last article in Key West should be on the groovy gastro-pub 2 Cents that I first...

Interview with KW’s ‘bad boy’ chef – Hot Tin Roof man shares his views on food, Key West and more

There are some things that true chefs have in common: tattoos, chain-smoking, a pale complexion caused by a sunless existence like vampires of some...

Key West is home to the ‘perfect dish’ – Lots of good food packed onto this small island

I didn’t grow up with parents who taught me how use chopsticks to eat sushi before the age of five. In fact, as German...

Cuban coffee defines Key West – From cortaditos to coladas to bucci, islanders love their java jolt

Although the country I currently live in expects me to boycott Cuba, the truth is I don’t have a problem willingly giving them my...

Burrito shop in Key West operated by serious foodies

Bad Boy Burrito quickly achieved favored status among visitors off the beaten path and locals


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