• Monroe County residents who are still in the Keys are under curfew from sunset to sunrise. There have been a handful of accounts of looting. Extra law enforcement units — from Homestead and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement — are on their way. The Middle Keys correction center is operational within certain limitations.

• Although the National Guard was set to arrive in the Keys today via air, there are no confirmed reports of them on the ground. There is, however, a report that personnel and equipment are driving down the Keys now. One of its objectives will be search and rescue.

• The Marathon and Key West airport runways are reportedly clear of debris. Before accepting military flights, the air traffic and fuel must be in place. Both are closed to general aviation until further notice.

• The bridges have been inspected from Key Largo all the way to Key West. All but nine have been confirmed safe for travel, and those are expected to be declared safe for travel as well. The washout at Sea Oats Beach (MM 75) will reportedly be repaired by the end of tomorrow, Tuesday. The washout at Bahia Honda (MM 37) should be finished by the end of the week.

• Crews from the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority are securing the main transmission line from the plant at Florida City down the Keys to Key West. Again, the taps will be open in Key West from 10 a.m. to noon tomorrow, Tuesday. The water must be boiled before drinking. According to the water utility, many of the side water lines, leading to homes, have been torn out of the ground by falling trees. Water is being turned off selectively to retain pressure at the main transmission line. The utility will begin working island by island tomorrow to test water quality, as well as working to secure the secondary lines to homes.

• Emergency responders and medical personnel have been allowed to enter the Keys. The staging area is at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

• The Monroe County School District is closed at least through Friday, Sept. 15.

• Trauma Star helicopters are expected to return to the Keys tomorrow. The three hospitals are still closed to the general public.

• Fuel remains a critical concern and must be available for emergency crews.

• The USS Lincoln aircraft carrier will shortly be anchored off Key West to provide emergency services, and three other Navy vessels are en route to assist.

• The Red Cross and Salvation Army will be bringing thousands of meals ready to eat (MREs) and potable water to the Keys with serving first responders as a priority.

KEY LARGO: The main roads are clear and members of the community are beginning to clear the side roads.

ISLAMOARDA: U.S.1 is clear and 30 percent of the side roads are also clear. A staging shelter and triage station is being established at Island Christian School.

MARATHON: The town’s immediate needs are generator fuel and communication stations. It’s possible some areas of Marathon will have power as early as tomorrow, Tuesday.


KEY WEST: All major roads are clear. The refuge of last resort at the Key West High School closed at 10 a.m. this morning. It has fuel and communication needs. The airports at Boca Chica Naval Station and Key West airport are reportedly clear and ready for military flights.


This limousine washed sideways on Overseas Highway on Grassy Key. CAMMY CLARK/Contributed

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