Do you know how to tell if the fish on the menu is really fresh catch? If the weather is too yucky for the captains to go catching, it isn’t on the menu.

“Our fish is never frozen, except for the sushi grade tuna, which has to be,” said co-owner and Fish manager Jason Gwynne.

At Fish, which opened in October on Bay Point (MM 14) by the same people who own Hurricane Hole on Stock Island and Conch Shack in Key West, the fish is definitely fresh. The menu isn’t finalized until local captains report on the day’s catch. Sometimes it is grouper, hogfish and yellowtail. Other days it’s cero mackerel or grunt. “It’s all about how you prepare it,” Gwynne said. “We are trying out a different, not-so-normal approach to the fresh catch on the menu.”

(By the way, Grunt is actually quite yummy. Although it’s labor intensive to fillet, Gwynne says the taste is worth it.)

With more than 20 years in restaurant experience, Gwynne and Fish Head Chef Chava created the menu as a collaboration of Key West-style food that is welcoming. “I like to call it casual fine dining,” he said. “We are T-shirt and shorts friendly, but it’s a great date night spot, too.”

A “minnow menu” is available with fresh catch, landlubber tacos, cheeseburgers, homemade mac and cheese, and chicken tenders. The kids and kids-at-heart will like doodling on the table while waiting for dinner. Save room for yummy, homemade desserts. Fish is located oceanside at MM 14.5 and opens at 3 p.m. each night for dinner. The phone number is 305-735-4201.

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