Ever wanted to learn how to code, try out scuba, learn about writing or money, become a lifeguard, learn culinary crafts? Mom and Dad, this isn’t for you, it’s for the kids! If you are a kid on summer break, you could have the chance to learn these things and more at one of 14 camps Florida Keys Community College is offering this summer.

Colton, 10, and brother Bryce, 8, can’t wait for this summer. As a military family who moved to Key West from New Mexico last summer, mom Alicia Palmer said it was the first thing she looked up while relocating.

“We didn’t know what life was going to be like here,” she said. “The camps helped give the boys something to do.”

Colton took on the eco-adventure camp that Florida Keys Community College offers. He learned about the local reefs and ocean, fish and more. “We got to try out scuba diving, that was my favorite,” he said. They also went fishing. Although they only caught one fish, he still had a blast. Bryce, who was too young last year, is already enrolled for this year.

Last year, Bryce did take the coding camp – and even brought home a Raspberry Pi computer he programmed himself. He is most looking forward to the tropical fish hobbyist camp, too. “I couldn’t bring a fish home last year because we just moved in, but I can this year,” he said, thinking of names he would come up with for his clownfish.

The camps allow kids to tap into their creative side and explore creative talents, explore careers, expand academic interests, develop technical skills, and, of course, make new friends.

“As the community’s college, we aim to offer a variety of high-quality, fun, and affordable educational opportunities for the younger members of our community (and their parents too),” said Amber Ernst-Leonard, the college’s director of public relations. “Our camps are relevant to kids living in the Keys; they can learn about many water-related topics like the marine ecosystem, boating, scuba diving, and swimming skills. They can also explore careers in business, healthcare, and public safety, and they can practice skills in art, cooking, writing, and computing.”

See page xx for a full list of FKCC camps, or visit visit fkcc.edu/community/summer-camp/, call 305-296-9081 or email [email protected].

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