Emma Corran, left, Corbin Turko and Leigh Ann’s manager Tayla Torna show off a perfect coffee drink.

Corbin Turko is still unpacking from her very recent move from Orlando to Marathon. “I’ve been wanting to move here for a year and half now,” she said learning the ropes at her first day at her new job at Leigh Ann’s Coffee House on Key Colony Beach Causeway. “And, now I’m finally here.”

Manager Tayla Torna walked her through the process of making the perfect turtle, which Torna says is definitely one of the most popular coffee drinks on the menu. Made with chocolate, caramel, steamed skim milk and a healthy dose of espresso and topped with whipped cream and more chocolate, Torna said with a wink, “It’s sweet, just like us.”

Turko has never worked in a coffee shop before but is looking forward to learning all the coffees from Torna and outgoing barista Emma Curran, who is moving to Vermont next week. She is also looking forward to spending a lot of time out on the boat fishing and snorkeling.


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