Three Marathon City Council members have added items to the agenda for the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 5:30 p.m. at city hall.

Mayor Steve Cook said he wants to address the resolution that outlines how the mayoral succession works for selecting the councilman that will occupy the center seat and oversee the ceremonial aspects of the job. He said he doesn’t intend to change the basic parts — that the mayor is selected by seniority, and if two councilmen were elected in the same year that the candidate with the most votes would supersede the other — but rather fix some details. “I just want to tweak it; there’s some dates in there that muck it up,” he said. He also wants to discuss lowering the speed limit on Grassy Key; he said residents have said the stretch of highway is dangerous.

Councilman Mark Senmartin intends to initiate a discussion about medical marijuana prescribed to city employees. 

“We don’t have any type of policy and we need one before something happens,” Senmartin said. He said there should be guidelines for workers in safety-conscious roles such as landscaping the highway median or operating heavy equipment. In the same vein, he said he wants to explore adding mapping equipment to the city’s fire rescue vehicles so they can find locations easily. 

Councilman Dan Zieg wants to update the public about the non-working street lights along Sombrero Beach Road, following damages from Hurricane Irma. He also wants to suggest a “sweep” of nonconforming signage in the right of way such as banners and sandwich boards.

“That was something we were going to do right after Hurricane Irma. Then, after, we wanted to be as flexible as possible to help businesses get back on their feet. We need to sharpen up the look of the city,” Zieg said. 

Other items on the agenda include an ordinance to address permitting for new residences with more than six bedrooms, and a staff report that suggests limitations on the size of boat permitted to be launched at Harbor Drive.  

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