#News: County Administrator loses bet and leg hair - A group of people sitting at a table - Thigh

With Sunday’s FIFA World Cup victory in the hands of Germany over Argentina, came the loss of a double or nothing bet between Casa Mar Village’s Nick Lee, and Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi Jr.

Substitute Mario Gotze scored in the 113th minute giving Germany its fourth FIFA World cup. They have not held the cup in 14 years with their previous wins spanning from 1954, 1974, 1990, and now 2014. While the final 1-0 score was not nearly as impressive as their previously 7-1 history making game versus Brazil (and double ouch for being on their home turf) – the real show was over at Morada Bay when the razor came out and the leg hair went bye-bye for Mr. Gastesi who bet his follicles on Argentina.

No comment from his leg hair (or now lack there of). ­

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