Photo contest winner shares happy update

How The Grinch Made Christmas

In the winning photo from our first-ever Keys Holiday Photo Contest, the Grinch himself, in a Santa suit, is holding a confused little boy, Finley, upside down in a “pets” photo.

Photo contest winner shares happy update - A person standing next to a christmas tree posing for the camera - Christmas tree
As the person behind the mask, I personally knew of someone, a friend of mine, that had recently lost her beloved Boxer “Buckeye” and would have been first in line for a photo-op… Well, I made the call and invited her, her husband and their adorable little guy, Finley, to the Grinch Party!!  HUNTER DEMAURO/Contributed

Well, it looks like the Grinch has some love and holiday spirit in his heart after all! Finley’s family, who were grieving the loss of their beloved Boxer “Buckeye”, rescued a new puppy for the holidays, and Finley named him Jett. The Grinch came all the way back to Big Pine just to meet Jett and his happy new family.

Photo contest winner shares happy update - A person holding a dog - Christmas Day
Finley, Jett, and the Grinch pose together after Finley’s family rescued Jett after the holidays. HUNTER DEMAURO/Contributed

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